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Friday, March 20, 2009

No nap for you 54/61

I actually made a full day of work, only my second this week. It has been a very relaxing & stress free week, when the boss is on vacation we all seem to be on vacation even if we are at work. I made it home about 3, fed the dogs, got a quick snack, set my alarm to take a 1.5 hour nap, turn on the fan & crawl into bed. Peacefullness. No more than 20 miutes into my nap did Steven call to anounce he was coming home (just from a days work, nothing exciting), then another 20 minutes later I have this over sized, smelly child (Steven) crawling into bed with me asking me if I have thought of anything for dinner. No! I have been trying to sleep, I havent been thinking about dinner. As I am now wishing I could get even just 15 more minutes do I hear Steven, who is still in the middle of the bed still bothering me, start to whine that he is hungry as I then get a full list of everything he has ate that day, I guess to try help prove his point that he is really hungry. Maybe he is just trying to get me prepped for the little boy we have coming - either way, I was forced out of bed and into getting the hungry one something to eat (I decided going out to dinner was effort enough for me).