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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We Forget He Can Hear 49/61

I thought to stop this weekend & pick up a few new dogs toys for the rats, one which was a squeaky toy, which they LOVE. I didn’t give the toys to them until yesterday evening though. Steven thought it would be fun to play around with the toys a little before we actually surrendered them for shredding. He realized that the dogs were trying very hard to find the squeak they heard & didn’t see, as he kept the squeaking toy hid on the counter. So as I approached him, with my back facing the now very intrigued dogs Steven placed the toy on top my belly to use my body as a new hiding spot. With only a squeak or two we were quickly reminded that our little one has ears too, & I don’t think he was as willing to play our little hide & seek game. Steven decided to surrender the toy to the dogs & enjoyed feeling the baby, who was now wide awake, move & kick. Yea, more fun for Steven!