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Friday, October 24, 2008

Pregnancy Update

Sunday = ¼ of the way there! Already! I have been incredible blessed this pregnancy, first off I found out I am only having ONE!!! Though others were voting, hoping & praying for 2+, I was praying for only one. Sorry Liz & Grandma Kate. I have also been very blessed in many other ways going through my first (almost) 10 weeks. I have had very minimal morning sickness, and when it does come it tends to be more sporadic and usually comes and goes within a matter of 10-20 minutes. I have also been very lucky that the time has been passing pretty quickly & that we were blessed with Grandmas offer to do a few extra sonograms throughout my pregnancy to get a couple extra fun glimpses at the baby. This past Monday we were able to get our first look at our little one & hear its heart beat. It was wonderful to get that personal moment with Steven & Grandma. It was so nice that I could go in relaxed & not have to be poked & prodded at first as well as be in such a unfamiliar environment to be able to enjoy our first special moments seeing our baby. We were also able to record the sonogram on tape so we are able to watch it time & time again, share it with others, as well as let our little one watch it someday. Such a precious gift we have been given!

I have not really had any major cravings yet. I have been partial to starches, mainly potatoes. But they have not been a need to have thing, just something blissfully enjoyed. I haven’t been able to stomach eggs and have missed cold lunch meat. I have been doing good as far as weight too, I have only been able to eat small meals, sometimes very small, and that will keep me full for a few hours. So with running around on weekends & eating small amounts I have managed to loose 6 pounds! Of course I haven’t been trying, it just happened. I have been amazed now that I am pregnant it has been effortless to maintain my current weight. I have not until this week started to gain any weight, I did manage one pound, but have noticed that my eating needs have changed. Now first thing in the morning I am starving & could eat a horse & then I can’t seem to make it to lunch time without snacking on something. Then I could eat a cow for lunch & be starving in the next 3 hours when I get home, luckily by the time I eat a snack when I get home from lunch I am able to eat a small dinner & be good all night. Weird! Though I have been lacking cravings I make up for that with my need to sleep. The last two weeks have been nice, I have not felt like I had to take naps but this week I feel like I can’t seem to get enough sleep!!!

Enough with the rambling, I need to start killing time at work so the day passes quicker & I can go home & take the nap I am longing for!!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

My pregnancy ticker