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Friday, July 24, 2009

You can call me Wonder Woman

I don’t enjoy deployments, I don’t think I will ever get use to them either but they are a time that I can take the time to work on who I am. I was given another little piece of wisdom by my mother, do things with a purpose – raise your kids with purpose, love your husband with purpose, live life with purpose, don’t just get by to get it done. So, after a little bit of thought I have decided to live out the rest of this deployment with purpose. Here is my list as of right now, knowing in time they may change:

1. Work on my weight. I really miss feeling really good about my body and I commit to myself that I am going to work on dropping some weight. Thanks mom for being my buddy in this feat.

2. Work on learning Spanish. I have always wanted to learn Spanish, and Steven and I have talked about it several times, so with our bi-annual TX trip coming up I figure now is as good time as any to commit to learning at least some Spanish. I don’t know that I will pick up the full accent but I will try by best.

3. Working on bettering myself as a wife. I think we can never stop striving to be better at what we do, and a large part of what I do is to be a wife. Why not be the best wife I can be for my husband. I commit to myself, my husband and my marriage to strive to be the best wife I can be.

4. A nothing large part of who I am now is a mother. I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I am starting to work through the awkwardness of it, as 0-6 months is not my favorite age, but as every day goes by LT is becoming more aware of the world and himself and that makes it more and more fun. I commit to having more fun with my little man.

I am looking forward to being a happier person and enjoying life to its fullest. The thoughts that will keep me going are these: the look on Steven’s face when he walks off that plane arriving home from deployment and getting to surprise him with all the hard work I put into loosing weight, enjoying weekend morning goofing off in bed together as a family, hearing and seeing the happiness in my husband as he knows he is loved dearly & lastly, getting to go to TX & when we pull up to a drive thru and they greet us in Spanish or when we go to Mexico I will be able to understand them!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

101 Why I Love My One and Only

1. You take out the trash without being asked
2. You always find a way to make me laugh
3. Your laugh
4. Your smile
5. You married me
6. You gave me our son
7. You’re a great kisser
8. You know how to wash dishes
9. You barbecue
10. You know how to wash clothes
11. You love me
12. You learn quickly
13. Your butt
14. You enjoy “talking” to me
15. You are up for trying new things
16. You play video games with me
17. You can be motivating
18. You let me play beer pong with you even though I couldn’t drink
19. You can say your sorry
20. You listen
21. You know how to cook
22. You care about my feelings
23. You do your best to call me at least once a day on deployment & sometimes more than that! Thank you, a LOT!
24. Your dimples
25. You learnt quickly how to change a diaper & now don’t mind doing it
26. You are not scared to be a ‘get your hands dirty’ dad
27. You let me pursue my interest – even if I always manage to kill the plants I keep – I am really trying this time & they are still alive & doing well! :o)
28. You encourage my dreams
29. You have goals
30. You treat me as an equal
31. You enjoy family
32. You are respectful
33. You are fun to hang out with
34. We can hang out & do absolutely nothing & still have fun
35. You try to involve me in just about everything you do
36. You enjoy getting dressed up every once in a while & going out
37. You have self drive
38. You listen to me vent after a hard day
39. You don’t hold grudges
40. You let me work on projects with you
41. You enjoy spending time with my family
42. You are simple
43. You try to teach me things about your job & what you do when you explain something to me about work
44. You are a problem solver
45. You are determined
46. You aren’t scared to learn something new
47. You are laid back
48. You realize you don’t know everything there is to know about everything
49. You don’t mind that I am not perfectly shaved all the time
50. You like such a wide variety of food
51. You are never scared to try a new food
52. You are cultured
53. You don’t mind that I am the true American girl & would just rather French fries & a burger sometimes & clearly spoken English
54. You don’t mind ordering Chinese for me
55. You enjoy some of the same shows I do & even endure some you don’t enjoy sometimes
56. We have our secrets
57. You take turns being the DD with me
58. We have a lot of the same friends
59. You don’t mind that sometimes I am just one of the guys
60. You enjoy talking to me
61. I can say what I really think about the world & others without it going beyond you
62. You are a safe driver
63. I can trust you
64. You always make sure I am okay
65. You clean our toilets
66. You are a problem solver
67. Your style
68. The way you walk
69. That you enjoy partying with me
70. That you tell me that you will have no fun at an event without me
71. That you are willing to spend a Friday night home with me on the couch
72. You clean the shower drain
73. Even though I am capable, you deal with computer issues for me
74. You let me cuddle with you after having a bad dream
75. You always get up to kiss me good night if I am already comfy
76. Some times to try to ‘talk to me’ in your sleep
77. You’ll wrestle with me occasionally
78. You let me tickle you without getting mad
79. You enjoy theme parks
80. You’ll stop by the store for me when you can
81. You’ll pick up candy you know I like every once in a while
82. It is simple for you to make me smile
83. You pick on me cause you love me
84. You take care of me & put me to bed if I have drank too much
85. Your beer of choice is Bud Light
86. You ride roller coasters
87. You are considerate of my fears
88. You are strong
89. You have a taste for wide variety of beers
90. You don’t have to have name brand things
91. You enable us to pay our mortgage
92. You enjoy playing with our dogs
93. You don’t mind being silly
94. Your sense of humor
95. You have common sense
96. You are the father of my child
97. You encourage me to try new things
98. You enjoy fishing
99. You’ll go to the gym with me
100. You are my best friend
101. You are a wonderful husband & all mine!

Happy Anniversay Steven! I LOVE YOU WITH EVERYTHING I AM!!!