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Monday, November 2, 2009

Time is winding down

Well I only have a month left to go until the end of this deployment, thank goodness! But on the other hand I only have a month left to get everything I wanted to get done, done & everything in order. Though that doesn’t sound like too much of a feat, with a little one it tends to me a little more challenging. But not impossible.

This deployment I set out to work on a couple things & make my time purposeful. Here is how I am doing.

1) Working on my weight: Well this I have been pretty successful at, 31.8 lbs down. Though I haven’t weighed in yet this week & have been eating bad for the past 1.5 weeks. But nothing I cannot recover from. I still have not fit my half way point, which is 32.2 lbs, which is very close. I have been able to get into pants 2 sizes smaller than when I started in July & my shirt size has gone down 1-2 sizes as well. Very exciting stuff! I feel better about me, even attractive again. I do feel like I hit my first plateau, more mentally though, hence the week & a half that I didn’t think at all about what I ate or drank. Now I am finding it a little harder to jump back on the bandwagon & get back on track. But as tough as it is right now, I am going to push myself to do it & I know that in a week or two it will be second nature again to be healthy & happy. I think I will always need my little ‘breaks’ though. So I have one month left to see how well I can do, to see how ‘big of a loser’ I can be by the time Steven returns home.

2) Working on my Spanish…well this one hasn’t gone too well – I do know a few more phrases than I use to, nothing that will help me get around town though. LOL. I have always been a pure small town American girl, I speak English & I would just rather just have a hamburger & fries (though I do LOVE me some Mexican food). :o)

3) Working on being a better wife. I don’t think I originally stated this one correctly, as I more meant to work on my marriage. I do not, by far, have a bad marriage, there is just always room for improvement & growth. I think we have worked out a few strategies for when Steven returns home to better our relationship & family.

4) Putting on any new hat is hard, whether it be high school student vs. elementary, being a wife vs. a girlfriend, being a mother vs. just a wife. It is hard, but it is all what you make of it. I always wanted to be a mother, but was always terrified of having to get through the ‘newborn’ stage. But with lots of help, I did it, I got through it. Now Landen is 5 months old and more fun than ever! He is discovering new things and picking up new tricks everyday. I thoroughly enjoy time with him. I am looking forward to all the new adventures I get to take with him and trying my best to treasure what I have now.

So, ONE month left! That’s it for deployments at least for a few years. I know November will be over before I know it.