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Monday, March 2, 2009

Maybe One Day...

Maybe one day before this pregnancy is over I will learn to stop when it hurts. Mostly it is that I am not use to my back or hip hurting me. I have been very fortunate throughout my pregnancy to not have many back aches or many aches of any kind. If I spend too much time (which is not very much) on my feet my hips start to hurt me & if I sit too long or do too much bending then my back starts to hurt. Even doing a simple sewing or scrapbook project seems to take a toll on me now. I guess it is the Smith in me that seems to think the pain will just vanish once I am done that keeps me pushing on. When the Smith part of me & reality collide I tend to hurt, usually pretty badly. Walking is not an essential part of life, is it??? It does really feel nice to have everything I need to accomplish done & my list checked off.

I will have to take it really easy for the next day or so, which is fine…I am fortunate enough to be able to take time to recover.

On the other hand I have the baby room is put together & looks great! The carpets are cleaned, the walls are painted & finished, all the furniture is bought & moved in and it all seems to match. The shelves and walls still need a few decorations but in time we will get those things done. With only a little over 10 weeks left I am very happy with the amount we have completed. I plan to get the camera out this week & snap a few shot to post them on Facebook & bring to the baby shower this weekend (which I am SO excited for).