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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Not Triggers Day 52/61

It started out as a quiet day; Steven went off to work again - 14th day in a row (the Navy doesn’t understand the concept of weekends or time off)! I woke at a decent time just to lay around the house until lunch time, so I could go fetch lunch, head to base to Steven & I could enjoy lunch together, as we always try to do on weekends. Then I went running around to finish up some errands. I had a scrapbook that needed to have some work done on it for Stevens CO, in hopes of finishing it up. I finally got home just in time to notice that my Trigger was limping. It was his front left leg that he was favoring, though it was not stopping him from doing anything, just slowing him down a bit. As I carefully examined it he yelped, which is not his nature, so off to the store again to get something to help ease his pain. It took me a few hours to realize that it was just the aftermath of the shots he received the day before, even still though, I felt for him. Later that evening around time to give him another dose of pain medicine so he could sleep a little easier I noticed another problem – allergies. This was just not Trigger’s day; he was still limping & now trying to deal with this new case of allergies. So on came the Benadryl, for Trigger & Dad, as his allergies have been bothering him worse than years before. I now had a dog that could breath better & wasn’t in as much pain but boy was he spaced out!