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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Looking forward to life...

I am purely blissful with life right now. I am thrilled by watching Landen grow & develop daily, surprised by what I can do, and basking in the love of my husband.

Life is good, especially with little Landen around. I love that when I have a challenging day all it takes is a few minutes of getting splashed on by Landen from the tub to relax me & make me forget about the worries of the day. LT has picked up a few new tricks since the New Year; he has become the expert crawler, though he needs to learn to look up while doing so. I have had about a handful of daycare accident reports from him crawling into things. Oh, my child. He is enjoying being able to pull up on anything that will support him & is into EVERYTHING. He does not have time to sleep at daycare, as he usually only get an hour nap (his own doing, the teachers try to get him to sleep) and has barely enough time to eat. By the time I pick him up at 3p.m. he is wiped out, he crashes about 5 minutes into the car ride home & sleeps until he is ready for dinner, we eat dinner, take a bath & head back to bed. Landen has also learned to shake his head “No”, of course when he started it was just a new “entertaining trick” but he has answered me correctly quite a few times now with shaking his head “No”, so I think he might be learning the meaning of the word.

Let’s see, other accomplishments have been, another 3 teeth, his top middle two broke through sometime after Christmas and then another top tooth just broke through within the past two weeks. So at 8 months we now have 5 teeth. I am ready for a break from teething, as I know he must be as well. Landen has become good buddies with his ‘dada; which he also says. It warms my heart to watch the two of them play and enjoy their time together.

Steven has become confident enough since arriving back home with Landen that I am able to go to the gym a couple nights a week while Steven picks up LT from daycare & gets him ready for bed. I have been enjoying the gym, I’ve always wanted to take up running as I know it is wonderful for you & I have heard so many people say how much they enjoy it. I have never been able to run a solid mile, never wanted to nor needed to, but that has changed. I still do not need to but I want to, I spend 30 minutes 2 times a week trying to better my mile time. Right now I am up to running/walking a 15 minute mile, which I know isn’t something to write home about, but for me it is an accomplishment. One of my knees have started to bother me, so I am going to give it some time to rest & try some new running shoes to see if it will help the amount my knees are effected while running.

Steven & I have both started back with Weight Watchers, though it is hard to stay on point as much as I use to. But, we are learning how to live within our ‘means’ with still loosing weight. I think we are both up to loosing about 6 lbs or so since the beginning of the year when we started together. It has been a little bit of an experiment for me to see how much exercise I need to offset what I enjoy eating & drinking on the weekends & how far I can go during the week and still get the results I am looking for. But so far so good, no weight gains yet.

Life really has been good & there is so much I am looking forward to in the future, though I am not in a rush for any of it. I will just enjoy my day dreams about things I will get to do soon enough & continue to enjoy the moment I am in now.