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Thursday, March 12, 2009

Do aliens get headaches too??? 61/61

Sometimes I think I have an alien inside me instead of a sweet little baby boy! I’m sure it is not a new thought though to any woman who has ever been pregnant. Well my little alien is on a very slow & undeceive decent to flipping head down, as he has been sitting breach for 2/3 of this pregnancy. I have had a little big head testing the stretching capacity of the left side of my stomach the past week & ½ or so. For the past week I can usually feel exact position of his head. The first time I thought it was going to pop right through my belly was this past weekend; I was waiting on Steven & Michael to get their lunch from a new favorite taco stand of Steven’s. I eagerly had Steven & Michael feel how prominent his head was, not really considering that it was his head! The only thing that really crossed my mind was ‘push it back in, push it back in!’ trying to gently yet firmly compel the baby to switch positions, as a concerned dad declares “that’s his head!”