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Friday, March 20, 2009

Proof 53/61

I have proof that hours & hours of structured attention does wonders for a dog (as I'm sure the same for a child). Today I had to bring Trigger to the vet, never a looked forward to thing as shots are never ever fun. But that time of the year had rolled around for him again, so off we went. He rode so quietly to base & we even took a little walk when we arrive as we were a little early, then sitting inside he sat so contently on my lap without making a peep at the other dogs. When back in the exam room he was so nice & calm even though he was not thrilled about being there & made it so easy for me & my protruding belly to try to hold him on the table for 3 shots & one nasal injection (not a shot, just a liquid up his nose). To finish this up we got his weight & just like a well behaved little boy he hopped up on the scale, sat & stayed perfectly until instructed otherwise. I was SO thrilled with how well behaved he was for our whole trip! I couldn't have asked for a better dog, I am so proud of him!!!