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Friday, January 16, 2009

Overdue & Much Needed Update

Here is a long overdue update…Wow, last time I updated my blog on life was mid-November…Time sure does fly!

Well, I entered my second trimester in November…time sure does fly!!! With the entrance of that we were introduced to the base ER, we spent the better of 14 hours there because I ended up with a bladder infection, it was painful (the bladder infection & the 14 hours in the ER). Thanksgiving was next, it was really nice, Steven had been on his way to Japan with a plane, hadn’t made it there yet because the plane kept breaking. Thankfully he was able to come home for Thanksgiving. He left again early the next day, so I took advantage of having to be up crazy early on Black Friday and did a little bit of shopping. I didn’t do all the crazy waiting & lines, just kind of strolled to kill time; I was able to find a few things for Steven for Christmas though.

A couple weeks later I was already 16 weeks & needing to see the doc again, everything went great. He was thrilled that I somehow dropped 10lbs & had not gained any of it back yet! Not sure how I am working that magic, but I like it. Baby’s heart sounded great & I passed the early sugar test he popped on me! My worst complaint was stiff neck headaches. I had one other real noticeable symptom but it wasn’t that bad, I was also eating about every 2 hours. This is now starting to taper off but it still isn’t back to normal, I could only eat a hand full or so of food & meat seemed to be completely off the menu for me. Now I am getting to the point that I am able to eat a normal, healthy amount and only now about 5-6 times a day, instead of 8-10 times a day. Steven I think got the biggest kick out of this because there had been times that he mentioned a food when I was hungry & I lit up like a little kid on Christmas or if he got me something I really wanted.

About a week before Christmas Steven got his two bottom wisdom teeth pulled. Well, one was pulled the other had to be cut out because it was growing up under another tooth & then it was also fused to the bone so they had to scrape it off the bone in order to get it all out. This is the one that gave Steven the most grief. The doc I guess Steven was made of steel & nerves because he didn’t give him very much nor very good medicine to help with the pain so Steven substituted with whiskey, which seemed to do the trick. Christmas was so great, thanks again to everyone! We were gave a camcorder so we could get pictures & video before the baby of me & my changes & when then of course when the baby arrived. My first real video was of the junk room before it became the nursery, it was really a mess. But after a lot of cleaning & some focus by help of Jen I was able to get everything sorted & put away. Now it is officially a nursery!

New Years was good, we spent it would some good friends. We did a crawfish boil, drinking (I drank water) and fireworks. Gosh were the drunk guys funny with the fire works, we saw them dance like we never knew they could!

The week back to work after being on leave was a tough one to get through, I didn’t manage to make it a full week as I got a super bad headache, tipping the scales towards a migraine & ended up cutting a few days short, but I managed to wake up all 5 days on time. The week catching up the Steven was a bit kinder; he ended up with a evening event a time or two & was able to cope with just a few hour nap. What a trooper! This week was better for both of us!

This week we had the ‘big’ ultrasound, even though we tried at 16 & 18 weeks with grandma to find out the gender it was still a toss up. We thought it looked like a girl though, oh we were wrong. After a lot of persistence & patients from the technician we were able to verify it was a BOY! Steven was thrilled, I of course was really happy too, the baby looked great, had all 10 fingers & toes and a beautiful heart! I am so proud to be giving Steven a little boy! So now that we know it is a little boy we are expecting we started planning the nursery & a color scheme. I had thought before finding out it was a girl & had everything all planned out so this put me back to square one. With no hesitation I went out the next day to find a plan & colors for the little guy, Jenny was brave enough to go with me. We put together a great color scheme (I will be making the blanket, crib skirt & curtain) we picked out the colors pool/aqua, a sherbet green, a soft sunshine yellow, a dark water blue & brown. These colors should open up enough possibilities to decorate the rest of the room. I am really excited to see everything together. The past day or two we also spent looking for the furniture needed to complete the room, we are still missing a piece or two but it is coming together & the room looks like it has a purpose now.

So that is my noveled up date on the past 12 weeks or so. They have went by quickly but have been mostly great.