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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My first disappointment

Yesterday was quite a day. I started back on track with Weight Watchers, this time I have to stick with it. I am putting together a pretty good game plan; at least I hope it is. So it was a successful start to the day. When I when to pick up Landen from school I was told that he bit a kid! The child he bit was trying to take a toy away from him & he thought to bite the kido in response. It was the first time I felt disappointment in Landen’s actions, but on the other hand I do understand. Not that it is an acceptable response, but was he suppose to explain to the kid that he was not finished with the toy & even if he had would the other kid of understood Landen? I do feel bad for the kid that was bit but I also chuckle at the way children communicate.

Landen at dinner was also very testing of Mommy. He likes propping his feet up on things and getting comfy, well the dinner table is no different, he kicks his chair away from the table in order to do this, which results in him reaching for his plate & possibly treating the dog to a very tasty dinner – Landen’s dinner. My solution after spending about 5 minutes trying to work for him to stay at the table was to back him away from the table and use his high chair tray so he has nothing so kick away from or reach for. We have been working on keeping our plate on the table and have been doing very well with the concept, but last night little LT was insistent on picking up his plate & acting extra silly & loud during dinner. Mommy was calmly reaching her limit. I asked Steven to do bedtime with Landen since I had my fill, so he thought in trade for reading LT a story I should do bath time and prep LT for bedtime, then just hand him over to be read a story & place into bed. By the time I fought with Landen through dinner, then through cleaning him up and getting him ready for bed, answered routine questions for Steven about medicine and bedtime I was already in place to rock Landen & put him to bed. So much for a break…

Tonight it is just Landen & me as Daddy has to fly late, tonight will be different – there will be a bottle of wine in the house.