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Monday, September 29, 2008

Last Deep Sea Trip For A While

This will be my first official post as an expecting mom! I am very excited, well, when I’m not sleeping, I’m doing a lot of that these days. I have had a pretty easy time so far, but that is considering that I am only a day over 6 weeks, so it is still early. I had my first taste of proof that my hormones have completely taken over yesterday. I know now there will be no more deep sea fishing trips for me in the near future. Usually I don’t get sick at all & if I do it is very mild & short lived, but yesterday’s adventure was a bit of a different story. We took a few friends out to 9 mile reef (about 9 miles off shore) & no sooner did the boat stop was I feeling really bad. It was a nice day as well compared to other days we have gone off shore. I think Steven ended up feeling really sorry for me & we headed back in to fish a lot closer to shore. Luckily we all had better luck closer to shore, me with feeling ill & the guys with fishing. We all caught quite a few fish & a lot of sharks; they really enjoyed the fight that the sharks gave. We ended up with about 4 keepers, over all a good & beautiful day.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Good weekend - Wonderful Birthday!!!

I had a wonderful birthday weekend! My birthday was not until Monday but we decided to go out Saturday so we were able to relax the rest of the weekend & not worry about plans. So, Saturday we slept in got up & headed to lunch, Steven took me to Japanese, one of my favorites, and then sent me on my way to the spa for a 1 hour Swedish massage & then a manicure. It was so very relaxing & rejuvenating. When I came home I was greeted with 3 new pots of flowers & a few boxes of my favorite beer. We, then got all dressed up for dinner & headed out for a wonderful dinner at The Bone Fish Grill. We finished the evening out with meeting a few friends at the Comedy Zone to see DC Curry perform.

Sunday my dad cooked me a wonderful birthday dinner, followed by cake & ice cream. They all pitched in to give me such a wonderful gift, the Wii Fit, I had been looking for one, but it is still a hard to find item. They found one though – thank you for all the hard work guys, I love it!!! We brought Michael home with us for the night & we played the Wii Fit for hours.

Monday we had plans to attend Grandpa Doyle’s Labor Day/GrandNita’s birthday party. Before we went & spent part of the morning making my first homemade pie, strawberry & rhubarb. The pie went over well, about 2/3’s of it was gone when we left & Steven made sure to grab the remaining 1/3 of it. We enjoyed hanging out with family, all the great food & lounging in the pool. It was a nice Labor Day.

Over all it was a wonderful weekend & birthday, my husband did such a wonderful job making sure of that. Thank you baby!

Trigger's boating trip