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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Hit! In a World of More Misses 50/61

I, I’m sure like anyone else who has ever been through a third trimester or pregnancy, am having trouble comfortable to get some sleep. I have tried more pillows to assist my comfort, sleeping on a folded up thick mink blanket, I even tried stacking the couch pillows to make a little more comfy & cushiony bed. Hauling in the couch cushions last night, trying to stay a quiet as possible as Steven was already sound asleep, I start stacking them, to look over & see Steven staring at me – to make sure he wasn’t dreaming he said. Now chuckling, I climb on top of this long mountain I have made & tried to get comfy. It worked for about 20 minutes, and then I was back at square one. I knew that I usually had no trouble sleeping on the couch when I nap there, so I figured why would nighttime be any different? Though I really didn’t want to sleep by myself on the couch, despite the knowing it is more comfy, not having to listen to my dear husband snore, not having to lay there jealous that he was fast asleep and not have to deal with him sleeping in the middle of the bed, I grabbed a few blankets and my pillows & headed out there. After being able to get to sleep in what seemed like record timing, I was able to stay asleep a longer & sleep better, all with exceptions of getting up to use the bathroom multiple times, getting sore & needing a huge production every time I needed to flip over. It was a HIT, in a world of more misses than hits!