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Monday, August 24, 2009

It was a good weekend!

My little boy officially turned 3 months Sunday! Where has time gone??? (I know it flies!) We are thinking he just went through a big growth spurt because he looks so much bigger & he has been trying to work at sitting up. Of course he is not strong enough yet but he has been lifting his head & shoulders up like he wants to at least lean up & look around at more than his horizontal view. He is really enjoying the treats Papa slips him, sitting like a big boy in his new assisted sitter chair & swinging outside has become a favorite activity.

I did more than I expected myself to get done & still feel very relaxed & refreshed. The refreshed part could be largely to my parents getting up with LT two nights in a row. Thank you guys! I mowed, edged & weed-eated my front yard, even pulled a few weeds. Then went inside to kick the dogs out so I could clean the floors, while they were drying I cleaned my kitchen & reorganized a few things in the cabinets. Then cleaned out my new & old purse & downloaded some music. All before 1300 too! I was a busy girl! Then I headed out to see LT at my parents & enjoyed some time with him, did a little shopping with Dad, Mike & Katie, was thankful to eat dinner at a full table & then headed home to get some sleep. I still have just a couple things to do before Steven comes in, but nothing major. I am planning on getting a jump start on things Wednesday & spending some quality time with my little man, while hopefully not glancing at my watch too many times in excitement to see Steven! I cant believe tomorrow & can say I will see him tomorrow!