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Friday, April 17, 2009

A Special Day for Me 26/61

This year we decided to do an Anti-Valentine’s Day, I did a special day for Steven early in February and Steven decided to wait until it warmed up a little & treated me to mine today. I woke up to a wonderful surprise breakfast in bed. He snuck out of bed early to make cut up some fruit and make cinnamon rolls; he displayed it all so beautifully on a platter with a white daisy. Then we got ready & again he surprised me with a trip to the zoo, it was the perfect day, it was breezy & sunny. We had so much fun watching the animals, I think the moneys & the baby jaguar was the most fun to watch. We also managed to get in about 5 hours or walking & I was feeling great afterwards. We headed home & Steven told me he was thinking about Japanese for dinner, which sounded wonderful. We sat at the hibachi grill this time & ended up with the whole grill to ourselves, the food was great & the time spent with him was treasured. He did SUCH a wonderful job! Thank you Steven!!!