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Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Green Light 14/61

Well at my doctor appointment this afternoon, I got the green light that if I went into labor anytime beyond now that it would be perfectly normal & fine. So now I just have to try to figure out how to relay that message to Landen. I keep thinking that the sooner he arrives the more time he will have with his daddy & the more time his daddy will have with him. I would really love to give Steven more than just the 1-1.5 weeks he would have with Landen if I was to wait until they induced me. Not to mention that will be a very busy time because Steven & I would be preparing for deployment. I just really hope, wish & pray that he will come soon so Steven can really bond with him & leave really feeling like a father instead of just knowing he has a kid at home that he never really got to connect to. I keep thinking this weekend, for Steven (and my dad’s) birthday would be a PERFECT time for Landen to come!!!