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Thursday, April 9, 2009

First Trip to L&D 34/61

Luckily this pregnancy I have been pretty problem free & have not had to make but one other trip to the hospital (other than the planned progress appointments). I have been very sick with some kind of cold/flu, I never remember feeling this bad for this long with no relief before, but I it was something I knew I would just have to fight through. Well I woke up Tuesday afternoon with a fever & everything I have been taught is if my temperature got to be over 100.3 I need to head into Labor & Delivery. So that is what I did. For some reason I thought it would be a fairly quick trip, that they were just going to check the baby, tell me & was ok & send me back home, this was my ignorant thinking. Instead, I went in about 6pm and they didn’t let me go until about midnight. They checked the baby, which was doing just fine, gave me 2 bags of fluid through IV, did a bunch of lab test & gave me some Tylenol. They were very helpful & caring. So after a late night in L&D, the doctor gave me a note to rest the next day & sure enough that is all I had the energy to do.