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Thursday, April 23, 2009

A Day Late but Not a Dollar Short 19/61

Yesterday was Administrative Assistance Day, which is not a big deal to me, but my General Foreman got me a card, which was really sweet & thoughtful of him. This being said there has been questions from my Deputy Director asking for votes that he is my favorite out of the 4 guys I mainly work for. Mostly he is looking for validation, I think. Anyways after confirming with him, for sake of his ego, that he was in deed my favorite just Tuesday, yesterday I had to inform him that I had to drop him to the bottom of my favorites list. He forgot Admin Day! It was even on his calendar & he forgot! I gave him a little bit of a hard time all in joking & ended it at that. This morning though I was presented with a vase of a dozen orange roses & a thank you card from all 4 of them. I was really surprised & thankful. It is such a nice feeling to know you are appreciated, even if it was a day late.