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Thursday, April 9, 2009

Early Learning 33/61

I am learning early the effects drugging up a child. I have been very sick the past 4 days & most of the time I have been drugged up on Benadryl to sleep better, trying to get better. Well being pregnant I wasn’t the only one feeling the sleepy effects, the baby has been sleeping a lot along with me. Boy oh boy is he awake now though, today I am feeling well enough to make a day of work & haven’t taken any kind of sleep aid since early last night while I do not have all my energy back, he seems to have enough for both of us. He has been moving all over the place; at least he is confined to my tummy & not running crazy all over the place. Hopefully I will keep this early learning experience stored back in my mind so I am not quick to use drowsy cold medicine after he is born.