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Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Few Things That Annoy Me 15/61

I can’t complain about this pregnancy (too much), as it has been a very easy ride, even though it is starting to get to me. There are not too many things that are daily activities that I am not able to complete myself. I can still bend down to get things off the floor fairly easily, even though I look like a 1 year old squatting down, I can still get up off the couch by myself & my favorite I don’t waddle. So, standing at the sink doing a few last dishes that wouldn’t fit into the dish washer I realized how hard it was starting to get to wash dished standing a foot back from the sink or bent over like an old lady. Then I was thinking there are a few other things that are a bit annoying to me – like how I sometimes cant have a conversation with out sounding like I am running a mile while I talk, or how the simple task of taking clothes out of the washer to put in the dryer or just taking them out of the dryer seems to kill me. Walking is something else that is starting to get to me too, ugg, I feel like I am carrying floating bowling ball behind my pubic bone & with every step it bounces up & down on the back of my pubic bone, I feel like I am just waiting for it to just break. Wow, would that be a sight! While none of these are huge deals & I am thankful that these are things I am just complaining that these things are getting harder as I can still do them. Completely off topic of things that are harder to accomplish, but on topic with things that annoy me, while I sit here & endure my darling little one’s hiccups – let me just add though very cute in the beginning boy are they annoying now & he sure seems to get them a lot! Ugg… Ok, I’m done complaining.