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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Justified? ...

A fact about me: I STRESS being on the road in the heavy rain, more so riding than driving. I'd like to think I'm an aware & toughtful of my surroundings driver, but I just can't bring myself to trust the crazies the seem to drive faster & "better" in the watery conditions. Therefore, with the larger storm making the radar look like a 2 year old's finger painting, I felt it'd be best to get me & little LT home safe, sound & on the dryer side. I skipped the gym today to take some play time with my son & get us home unstressed. We had a blast this afternoon too. Since the weather took a small break, we explored & played in a soggy yard, then came inside for some good laughs & hug. Daddy decided to make me dinner then we watched some of our favorite shows, right now it's the Nip Tuck seasons & Dexter season 4. We stay behind. This way we can watch them all at once if we choose & on our schedule. It was a good night over all, I'm gonna get back on the horse, or stationary bike in my case, and keep on riding tomorrow though.


Anonymous said...

Same here! I don't like driving in the rain either, and people who speed in it make me really paranoid.