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Monday, September 13, 2010

It was a good weekend. W1D4

Well, I think I did pretty good this weekend with my eating & drinking. Weekends are my week point because they are not as structured and offer more options to eat off track. I had a plan going into this weekend though, I have hated before that my weekends seem to mess up my entire week of hard work.

I limited myself to one drinking night a week with the reasoning of "why do we drink?" I know some of it is because I really enjoy the taste of beer or wine but another big part of it is that it is a habit to have a few drinks every night. It is a lot of empty calories and a lot of money drank every week. I also did really good & resisted the urge to drink soda this weekend, I am proud of myself.

It was a big weekend of other reasons than that I did good staying on a better track, we moved Landen to a big boy bed & completely took down the crib. He was getting dangerously stuck in the bars of the crib and this seemed to be a good fix. He did wonderful with the transition, I shouldn't have expected anything less from my wonderful little man. We had a little grief at nap time once he discovered he could hop out of bed but we took care of that issue quick & he was off to La La Land. We took a couple trips to Home Depot to get some stuff to work on the yard, mainly a few new plants. Landen and I will have a little fun sometime this week after school/work replanting some of my flowers & preparing for nicer weather.