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Monday, August 18, 2008

Family First….????

Steven will more than likely be flying a plane across country for the next few days to be hurricane evacuated, meaning he will be leaving us here. It is not his choice & comes with the job, but it doesn’t make it any less crappie! I understand the amount of damage that could happen to the planes & the amount of money that would cost but on the other hand what happened if there was a bad tropical storm or hurricane that came through & I & the dogs had to evacuate ourselves or something happened to the house, I am then dealing with it all without him. I am though lucky enough to have family here & the families who don’t are in my thoughts. I know my thoughts are really irrational but hurricane Katrina sticks in my mind when knowing that the guys will need to get all the planes out of harms way. I will be lucky enough to know that he is safe, but will he know that I am safe. This lifestyle sometime gets really tough & exhausting to deal with, but what do you do but try to keep your chin up & move forward. Doesn’t mean that sometimes I HATE it all!