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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Along For The Ride

Triggers first trip on the boat with us was Sunday. I think he had a blast (I will post pictures soon to verify my claims). :o) After all the rain we figured it was due time to take the boat out for a bit & after some persistent begging & puppy dog eyes I convinced Steven to let Trigger tag along. We didn’t take both dogs because they do not seem to behave as well when together; they tend to work each other up into a frenzy of excitement & anticipation. Anyways, after a little complaining from Dad about his truck having Trigger hair all over it we made it to base to put the boat in. Full steam ahead to Hooters for some lunch & a pitcher, Trigger seem to be enjoying the boat ride as he checked every seat in the boat for the most comfortable. He finally found one we were all happy with, on my lap next to Dad with a full view all everything. Arriving at Hooters I was a little apprehensive about Trigger behaving & not being able to have a relaxing, enjoyable meal. But much to my surprise he was the trophy dog! I couldn’t have asked for a better behaved dog & we were SO proud of him. He chilled under the table as we slipped him a little tid-bit or two, there was no begging though. When people came up to see him he either remained laying or greeted them calmly & with no jumping! All our hard work has paid off!!! We took a few pictures & tried to get him to take one with a Hooters girl but he wasn’t too comfortable doing it, so we didn’t push it. After lunch we wanted to take a few moments to hop in the water & cool off & try Trigger in the water. We calmly placed him in the water with one of us & he didn’t like it. I think the body of water was a little too big for my little guy. But now I know that he is not big into swimming, which takes a little fun out of bringing him on the boat but it takes a lot of worry out of it on the other hand. We will defiantly bring him again as he was such a joy!