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Monday, October 4, 2010


This weekend was nice, the weather was beautiful & I got a lot done. Eating wise, I don't feel like the weekend was a wash, I did a lot of moving & did my best to not over eat. I may have a little over ate for lunch yesterday, but other than that, good. I introduced my son to candy corn & he loves it. I had a little this weekend too, I think it helped bring the sugary cravings & weak will bad today. I shouldn't think of today as a failure, but it's hard. I endulged in 2 prices of buttered toast this morning, a can coke & 5 mini candy bars (not all at once). But I'm here at the gym & I'm peddling harder than usual. I'm alway excited when I am able to add more miles to my tracker. I am down to 4 of 7 weeks left to get to & hopefully over 100 miles by 10-30. I plan on getting a message if I make it to the 100 & for 110 a massage & manicure & if I can manage 120 then it's a massage & pedicure. 1 month to go - relaxing & accomplishment here I come.


Anonymous said...

This time of year is especially hard because of all the candy that's put out in the stores for Halloween and such. Don't beat yourself up, okay? Onward and downward! :)

Lisa said...

Good job going to the gym. Even if you indulge every once in a while, the dedication to going to work it off will keep you on track. :) I wish I could do that. :)

- Lisa