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Friday, July 24, 2009

You can call me Wonder Woman

I don’t enjoy deployments, I don’t think I will ever get use to them either but they are a time that I can take the time to work on who I am. I was given another little piece of wisdom by my mother, do things with a purpose – raise your kids with purpose, love your husband with purpose, live life with purpose, don’t just get by to get it done. So, after a little bit of thought I have decided to live out the rest of this deployment with purpose. Here is my list as of right now, knowing in time they may change:

1. Work on my weight. I really miss feeling really good about my body and I commit to myself that I am going to work on dropping some weight. Thanks mom for being my buddy in this feat.

2. Work on learning Spanish. I have always wanted to learn Spanish, and Steven and I have talked about it several times, so with our bi-annual TX trip coming up I figure now is as good time as any to commit to learning at least some Spanish. I don’t know that I will pick up the full accent but I will try by best.

3. Working on bettering myself as a wife. I think we can never stop striving to be better at what we do, and a large part of what I do is to be a wife. Why not be the best wife I can be for my husband. I commit to myself, my husband and my marriage to strive to be the best wife I can be.

4. A nothing large part of who I am now is a mother. I wouldn’t trade it for the world! I am starting to work through the awkwardness of it, as 0-6 months is not my favorite age, but as every day goes by LT is becoming more aware of the world and himself and that makes it more and more fun. I commit to having more fun with my little man.

I am looking forward to being a happier person and enjoying life to its fullest. The thoughts that will keep me going are these: the look on Steven’s face when he walks off that plane arriving home from deployment and getting to surprise him with all the hard work I put into loosing weight, enjoying weekend morning goofing off in bed together as a family, hearing and seeing the happiness in my husband as he knows he is loved dearly & lastly, getting to go to TX & when we pull up to a drive thru and they greet us in Spanish or when we go to Mexico I will be able to understand them!


Liz said...

I love you sweetie! What an amazing young lady you are.